by Wild Surmise

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There is a concept to the album. A tale of a man living on Mars in the year 2111. Mars descends into chaos and his family is lost in the fighting. He flees his home and eventually leaves the planet with space pirates. They eventually drop him on a rock in the rings of Saturn, where he meets a wise man. He is given information about a door will allows the user to enter other dimensions. He finds this door in a cave and visits an alternate universe where his family are still alive but cannot stay there for it would mean destroying his alternate life in that universe. He decides to leave and wipes his own memory leaving his memories in a bottle in the cave. He seeks solitude and peace upon the moon Titan, and well, he drowns in the methane lakes, in a boating accident perhaps, I'd say it would be difficult to swim in liquid methane given it's about -170 degrees Celsius!


released April 25, 2011

Tom Power ; Guitar, Ukulele, Keys, Vocals
Sean Power ; Drums and percussion

Additional credits;
The fantastic website where I got all the weird sound samples
My family and dog Eddie for constantly barging into my room and interrupting my recordings


all rights reserved



Wild Surmise

Wild Surmise Music is a small record label based in Ireland releasing music projects from Wild Surmise, L'Homme Moyen, Tom Power and the Sean Power Project.

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Track Name: Neptunian Seas
Yo ho, yo ho, in spaceships we go
Upon the Neptunian Seas
Yo ho, yo ho, the clouds belows
Swirl as they please
Yo ho, yo ho, in spaceships we go
Upon the Neptunian Seas

Darkness entombs us all
Waves crash beneath the bow
Clouds swirl all around
Fear has taken me
Far beyond my home

These clouds have deluded me
How can my soul be free?
The captain has shown me
A way to reclaim my old life
Upon these Neptunian Seas
Fivefold I've scorned this night
Hold me 'til the morning light
Track Name: Rings Of Saturn
Some days just pass you by
Some days you're meant to die

Some days I'm like a panther
Who's lost all of it's stripes

Some days I'm like a zebra
Who's more black than white

Some days life's unbearable
Some days life's simply suitable

Some days are comprehendable
Some days are rarely sad at all

Some days I like to weep at home
Some days I barely know my name

Some days are just delectable
Some days are simply agreeable

But not today, today seems ok

Oh these rings of Saturn
They've entranced lesser men
Than you or I, but I ask why?

Water, ice and mystery
I am here deliberately
To ask you why you stole my life

Your answers lie elsewhere
In another (dimension) way out there
Please don't cry, keep your sighs

A secret door to everywhere
A door that goes anywhere
And beyond, beyond this life
Track Name: Doors to Nowhere
Where have all my dreams gone?
Should I dare to think beyond?
A door in a dream, a door to return
To the life I once had
A moment away from this place
This is an offer I cannot forsake
So easily, my spirit is free.
Track Name: I'll Fix It/Yo Arreglaré
Si no hay ninguna solucíon
Yo arreglaré
Si el mundo cae
Yo arreglaré
If the world comes crashing down
I will fix it!

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